Servant Leadership Workshop

Servant Leadership is a philosophy that involves focusing on others, to make them safe, and in turn to build better relationships that benefit both manager and employee to create sustainable culture. Managers can have a positive influence on safety outcomes by articulating a clear vision for safety, and motivating employees to achieve it, acting as role models and showing concern for the welfare of employees, communicating and setting clear goals and standards for safety, monitoring and recognizing positive safety behaviors (e.g. servant leadership). Managers’ leadership styles and behaviours can impact on safety directly but also through indirect mechanisms. Managers who actively champion safety can foster perceptions of a positive safety climate, which in turn impact on safety.

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Leadership Workshop

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Identify improvement opportunities by benchmarking against peers and best practice.


Analytics Improve business outcomes by leveraging big data for better decision.


Provides insight about safety enablers and barriers to transfer the way critical business processes are measured and managed.

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