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Leaders in the organisation are feeling increasing pressure to improve ​safety ​performance of their businesses. The challenge is to identify the key initiatives that will make the key difference in operation. CLIDE’s performance improvement diagnostic allows any company to perform a comprehensive review to identify the right issues that frame the opportunity for improvement, define a company’s current safety state and set compelling and achievable goals. Identify improvement opportunities by benchmarking against peers and best practice.

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Building Proactive Safety Culture on Construction Site – CLIDE

In a high-hazard industry like construction, safety is an investment that provides real benefits. A safe work environment helps to keep skilled employees on the job and projects on track by reducing accidents that result in injuries and schedule delays, while also reducing the risks of litigation and regulatory action. A strong safety record enhances a company’s reputation, makes it more competitive and helps to manage project overhead costs over time. Fostering a successful safety culture, however, is a company-wide effort that requires commitment and participation from the individual workers on the job site. That commitment should extend to the contractor who also embrace a strong safety ethic, particularly when a company vision states “Safety above all”.
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Experience Diagnostics Tool

Identify improvement opportunities by benchmarking against peers and best practice.

How We Help Clients

We work with the World’s leading organization to meet their unique needs.

Perception Survey

CLIDE perception survey identify gaps and provide recommendations to rectify between what is said and what is actually practiced.
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C Rating CLIDE Management


CLIDE C-Rating can cover a wide range of assessments designed to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement.
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Watch how ​CLIDE Diagnostic tool ​can​ help you​

What results can you expect?

Our diagnostic work leads to tangible goals and ready-to-launch initiatives to achieve them. As an example, one company we helped through such a diagnostic process targeted–and achieved–these concrete objectives:


Reduction in barriers for creating sustainable safety culture ​


Reported increase in
hazard observation


Engaged workforce towards
safety related activities


Down trend in incident rate
throughout the organisation and
across all location

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